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We have over 40 years of manufacturing supplied our cable assemblies into a huge spread of different markets and sectors

St. Cross Electronics supplies cable assemblies and looms over all markets.  Below are a few sectors we have supplied with examples of work carried out. 

Unmanned Systems

  • Robotics
  • All forms of unmanned vehicles
  • Process controls
  • Autonimous vehicles

We were approached by one robotics company who had seen our assemblies used in motorsport applications.  They wanted a high quality product that would last in severe environments.  We have worked and developed harnesses in this area with great success in improving the ruggedness and lifetime of cable assemblies.


  • Ocean racing
  • Telemetry
  • Oil & Gas exploration
  • Pleasure craft

We are very proud to be a supplier to Ben Ainslie Racing on their 2017 Americas Cup Challenge. Our location on the South coast together with our expertise in motorsport wiring have helped develop this relationship.


  • Fluid hydration
  • Heart Rate Monitors (HRM)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital cleansing

We have for decades worked with Polar on their HRM range of products.  We export all over the world for them, they work with us due to the high quality required, flexibility and constantly improving efficiency.

Datacomms & Telecomms

  • Patch cables
  • Network cables
  • Telephone exchange power supply back up
  • Base stations
  • BT DAS systems
  • Battery cables

We helped design and then build the nodes for what is now the Camelot National Lottery. Back in the mid 1990's we were used to help come up with a harness solution that could be rolled out within days of Camelot winning the contract. Our expertise in DFM allowed us to come up with a rugged design, with quality off the shelf components that is still running and working well 20+ years on.

Audio & Visual

  • Digital recording stuidios
  • Hi-Fi separates
  • Digital TV encryption
  • Conference room

Our cables can be found in recording studios all over the world.  Some of the worlds greatest albums and current stars have all been produced using equipment powered by our cable assemblies.

Traffic Control

  • Intelligent signage
  • Parking control signage
  • Parking control

We have for over 20 years been involved with various customers on traffic signage which in those days was far less sophisticated tahn todays intelligent signage systems found all over Europes roads.


  • Chassis looms
  • Engine Looms
  • F1
  • WEC
  • Pit Electronics

In 2011 we produced over 70 chassis looms for a NASCAR team in just 6 weeks; 2 weeks of those weeks we had to have a Christmas shutdown.  A very impressive work effort by the team here!

Military & Aerospace

  • Radar systems
  • Aircraft
  • Land Vehicles
  • Naval applications

We sucessfully created looms for end customer GD on the 'Bowman' Radio contract that was introduced into the British army over a decade ago.

Process Control

  • PLC interface cables
  • Display cables
  • Control systems cables

Another market we have been supplying into since day 1 of St Cross.  From signage to machines used in Vegas, our cables can be found everywhere.


  • Battery backup
  • Power cables
  • Waterprrof cables - IP65+
  • Box building
  • Panel building

We have recently designed a whole rugged cable assembly and electronics spec that will enable it to run at really low temperature, massive g-shock exposure and high frequency vibrations.  Our engineers got involved at day 1 of the process and came up with this design, that not only exceeds the requirement, but meets it with cost and reliability.



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