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Motorsport Wiring Harnessing

"without a quality cable loom your race is over before it's even started; use our expertise to win races"

St Cross Electronics has decades of experience in making cable assemblies and looms for some of the toughest environments the world has to offer.  Our cable assemblies can be found on civilian aircraft at 36,000ft in the air or at 3km beneath the sea on modules looking for gas and oil.

This experience and our proven quality record, opened up new markets to us. In the early 2000’s we were approached to enter the exciting world of motorsport.  We were already working to the high standards and practices associated with motorsport cable assembly manufacture.  We had a small team of staff who were already Raychem System 25 trained.  We had been using these practices with some of our aerospace customers, so embracing this new market was not difficult for us.

Today we have a good team of staff who are all trained in making motorsport cable assemblies using the System 25 standards. We can build any harness from simple garage equipment, to full chassis and engine cable harnesses.  Club racers through to F1 and LMP1 teams have all used our services in producing motorsport cable assemblies for them.  We have fully automatic cable preparation machines and automatic crimping processes to ensure we can manufacture efficiently.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, so all processes are logged, maintained and recorded.

One of our proudest moments in manufacture was building 70 chassis sets for a NASCAR team in less than 6 weeks.  We still delivered cable assemblies on time and made to a high standard.  How did we manage to do that quantity so quickly you may ask?  Well that is a closely guarded secret, but they were manufactured here in Southampton.  Being involved in many markets enables us to have a larger investment in different machinery than a competitor who is purely in one market sector.

We can tailor the motorsport cable assembly around your specification.  What is demanded in F1 might not be suitable or affordable for a club racer.  Our design engineers can advise what they think is suitable for you.  We also offer, for an affordable daily fee, one of the team to visit you. We will discuss your requirements and measure up, as we appreciate these motorsport cable assemblies are far more specialised than cable assemblies that would be used by one of our audio customers. 

We also have our own excellent CAD package for instances where the cable loom is a new build.  All cables from St Cross Electronics are 100% electrically tested using Cirris testing technology.  This enables us to carry out 4 point testing; again this is recorded and kept on file for 10 years.  We can produce one-off’s to batch quantities, and our flexibility allows us to react quickly to your requirements.

Our excellent quality record means that you know that the wiring harness will work first time when needed.  

Contact us with your requirements or to arrange a visit to our facilities or to yours.  



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