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UPDATE - 05-JAN-2020

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced last night the England would be going into a full lockdown from today with a review on February 15 2021.  As a business are still operating at full capacity, and have letters from UK government departments stating we must stay operating as we supply industries that are crucial to the medical and security sectors.

We are still operating a strict no visitors allowed policy on site.  Procedures for sanitising, extra workspace and one way systems are still operating and contstanly being reviewed.  PPE is widely available with two temperature checks for all personnel each day.

As always the above is being constantly reviewed and we will follow the UK government guidelines.

Dax Ward

Managing Director

Jan 2021

UPDATE – 01-NOV-2020

After the update from the UK government on 31-10-2020, regarding a UK lockdown starting on November 5, we would like to confirm that as in previous months St Cross Electronics will be fully operational.  Where possible certain staff will be working from home, but as a manufacturer this is just not possible with the majority of our staff.  We have since the start of this pandemic changed how we operate as a business, and way before Covid-19 workplace guidelines, we implemented one-way systems and more spaced out working areas.

We are still not allowing visitors on site, nor are we visiting our customers.  These meetings are now being carried out using telephone or video comms.  We must ensure the safety of all our employees, their families. 

We still have great supply chains in place for components we need to source, both in the UK and globally.  We are continually assessing our suppliers for continuation of their businesses.  Covid-19 is something that we all need to live with but must take precautions with it, whether that be by PPE or assessing continuation of business with our supply chain.

Please be assured we are doing all we can to mitigate the risks and will continually keep you informed via this web page.   This is still a very fluid situation we all find ourselves in, and here at St. Cross we are constantly reviewing the situation and our practices.

If you require any further information, please let us know.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Dax Ward - Managing Director - 01-NOV-2020

UPDATE – 24-MAR-2020

With the announcement last night by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that UK people “should stay at home”, we have now implemented the next phase of our Covid plan.  Admin staff who can work from home, will work from home, and phone calls will be diverted to mobiles where possible.  I would suggest any communication is done via email as this is a proven working setup at this time.  As we supply medical companies and product that is being used in the fight against Coronavirus, we are still operating our manufacturing facility.  All external visits to customers were seased 3 weeks ago, as were all visits to us.

We are following the strict government guidelines of social distancing and are also monitoring our employee’s body temperatures twice a day.  All staff have been offered the option of working or going home for the lockdown.  Of course this could have an impact on our production capabilities, but at this time we do have most customers orders complete and ready to ship.  If you do have any orders in the offing or forecasts then do please communicate those to us so we can plan ahead for you. 

I would imagine that deliveries from our suppliers are going to slow up a bit, but again we carry over £300k of component stock at any time.  These are tough times for us all so do please bear with us.  As I say the admin side of the office is functioning correctly, it just might be a bit slower to respond to your enquiries.  The health and wellbeing of my staff is paramount to us all here, so the above may well change in line with any government announcements.

Many thanks,

Dax Ward – 24-MAR-2020

Covid Update 16-03-2020

Following the recent update of information available on Coronavirus situation which is now having a worldwide impact, we have taken a further review of our business operation and supply chain to evaluate the impact on our material supplies which may affect you and your business.

At this current time we are advised by our supply chain that there are no major issues or concerns to the supply of materials or goods, however we are aware of some slight delays in the shipping times. We are constantly monitoring this situation.  We generally source most of our product from Europe, and also carry a vast amount here at our facility. Our stock levels actually were increased in 2019 in readiness for the Brexit situation, which at this current time seems like a walk in the park.

However, with the current daily changes to advice being given by the government the situation will inevitably deteriorate with more people having to isolate.  As part of a supply chain that relies on shipment of goods as workforces are impacted this will cause inevitable delays.

Our own production facility could also be impacted seriously during this time if operators have to remain at home for isolation.  At this time that is not the case. We have put practices in place to help protect our staff, and have also provided hand sanitizer and how to wash your hands correctly notices all over the business.

I would urge all customers who have scheduled orders due in any current same month to take those finished goods ASAP, this would stop any issues our couriers may experience in the coming weeks from their own staff isolation issues they may have.

As a precaution, we would advise that when ordering or scheduling product an extra 2 weeks is added to cover potential delays.  If you can look at placing forward scheduled orders then we can get those underway in readiness for future deliveries. Just send the orders in the normal way to the team here.

We do have an internal policy in place for the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families.  We have stopped all non-essential visitors to our site, and external visits in most cases have also been stopped.  Of course couriers will still be allowed to visit but my staff are not allowed to sign for any parcels using a communal shared electronic device.  All foreign travel has been stopped, and we will not attend any exhibitions or expos at this time.  

Alternative resources such as smart working (from home where suitable, admin staff).  I would suggest that any communication with our sales, accounts and engineering teams is done by email at first.  As staff could be working from home, they will not have access to the normal phone line. If you do call us and you do not get an answer, please leave a message or email as detailed above.

Please be assured we are doing all we can to mitigate the risks and will keep you informed via this web page.   This is a very fluid situation we all find ourselves in, and here at St. Cross we are constantly reviewing the situation and our practices.

If you require any further information please let us know.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Dax Ward

Managing Director


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