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Nomex Jumper Quotation

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The St.Cross LF series of "Round and Flat" jumpers are designed for use where maximum flexibility is required.

This flexibility is due to the special conductor design that changes, smoothly and without stress, from a flexible flat section in the middle to a round (0.5mm diameter) tinned conductor. This is then suitable for direct soldering to the board or for assembly to a connector. The insulation is Nomex* to UL 5188 that has excellent temperature resistance. It is ideal for most soldering techniques as it unaffected by soldering process chemicals. A combination of jumper and socket, suitable for mating with strip headers, is an extremely cost effective method of connecting PC boards.

Contact us at the design stage and we may save you time, money and effort. SPECIFICATION UL STYLE NUMBER 5188 INSULATION MATERIAL NOMEX* TEMPERATURE RATING -40oC to 125oC VOLTAGE RATING 600 V AC CURRENT RATING 2A STANDARD PITCH 2.54MM (see below for other pitches) LENGTHS FROM 1" TO 4 " (in increments of 0.5") Any number of ways can be supplied. *NOMEX IS A TRADEMARK OF DUPONT




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