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Ribbon / Flat Cables and Assemblies

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Since the company was founded back in 1983, we have been very successful at producing Ribbon/Flat cable assemblies.  Be that in the form of IDC types with connectors terminated on them, or in the form of PVC Interboard connects that provide a low cost solution for connecting PCB’s together.  In fact the latter was how the company was founded by Patrick Kiely.  He had the opportunity to provide this solution to one of his clients whilst working in his previous company.  It was so well received that Patrick decided to start up his own business, and here we are today some 32 years later and still providing this cost effective solution to all corners of the globe.







IDC Cable Assemblies

These are produced here using automatic machinery for cutting and even for terminating.  We are tooled for every connector manufacturer and in most cases could start delivering within 48 hours of processing your order.  All cables are of course made to our own ISO and UL approvals and meet RoHS standards.  Every single assembly we produce is manufactured in house, controlled by our ERP and QA procedures and then passes through QA for 100% electrical test and visual inspection.  Every aspect of manufacture is documented, recorded and stored.  Test certificates can be produced and a Certificate of Conformance is provided free of charge as standard, as with all our cable assemblies.

PVC Ribbon Cables

We use as standard a UL approved flat ribbon cable in either 24 or 26 AWG formats.  Both types are stranded and pre tinned so you have flexibility and ease when terminating through a PCB.  We offer various different pitches with 2.54mm being the most popular.  We can produce from 2 to 24 conductors, with or without a polarisation stripe, and from lengths of 25mm to over 3000mm.  Again all these products go through our strict manufacture and quality checks and is again recorded into our QA system.

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