St. Cross Electronics’ Path to Carbon Neutrality in Cable Assembly Manufacturing

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In 2021, St. Cross Electronics, under the direction of Managing Director Dax Ward, set a strategic objective for the company to achieve carbon neutrality by 2022. This goal was established in recognition of the company’s environmental responsibilities and the broader impact of its operations within the cable assembly industry.

“We have a responsibility to the environment to act responsibly, review our processes, and make necessary adjustments to reduce our carbon footprint,” stated Ward. The initiative to become carbon neutral was facilitated through a partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, which conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s energy consumption, waste, business travel, and the commuting habits of its employees.

The analysis revealed insights into the significant environmental impact of staff commutes, highlighting the advantages of the company’s accessible location and the potential benefits of remote work. “Evaluating the environmental impact of our staff’s travel was enlightening, particularly in considering the advantages of our location’s public transport facilities and the reduced carbon footprint from remote working,” Ward added.

Following the assessment, St. Cross Electronics was presented with a detailed account of its carbon emissions, which, while not exceedingly high, established a benchmark and a new KPI for further reduction. The company has since compensated for its total carbon emissions through contributions to the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund™, supporting internationally certified carbon offsetting projects.

A significant step towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint was the installation of solar panels and a battery storage system on the factory roof in 2022. This investment has allowed St. Cross Electronics to significantly utilise solar power, storing excess energy or feeding it back into the grid, thus reducing its carbon footprint by a third.

“This initiative has fundamentally transformed our approach to environmental responsibility within the cable assembly manufacturing sector,” Ward reflected. “It underscores our commitment to sustainable practices and the urgent need for action to safeguard our planet’s future.”

By adopting these sustainable practices, St. Cross Electronics not only reinforces its commitment to environmental stewardship but also positions itself as a leading example of environmental responsibility for other cable assembly manufacturers in the industry.

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