From Concept to Completion: The Comprehensive Guide to St. Cross Electronics’ Custom Cable Assembly Process

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In the fast-moving world of electronics, the demand for precise, reliable, and efficient cable assemblies has never been higher. St. Cross Electronics are one of the UK’s leading Cable Assembly Manufacturers, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke wiring solutions that not only meet but exceed these demands. Our process, rooted in a philosophy where “Quality is KEY,” ensures that each product works first and every time. Here’s a closer look at how we bring this promise to life, from concept to completion.

Initial Consultation and Design Specification

The journey of every custom cable assembly at St. Cross Electronics begins with a comprehensive consultation. Our dedicated team in Southampton, UK, collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs, application requirements, and the environments in which the assemblies will operate. This initial stage is crucial for setting the KPIs that guide the entire project, focusing on efficiency, quality, workmanship, and safety.

Engineering and Design

Leveraging over 10,000 sq ft of advanced manufacturing space and a wealth of tooling options, our engineering team transforms client specifications into detailed designs. Using state-of-the-art CAD software and a rich array of tooling—from hand crimpers to fully automated CNC robotic machines—we ensure every design is optimised for performance and sustainability.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our prototyping phase, where concepts become tangible products. Each prototype undergoes rigorous testing using our flagship £50k CH2 tester among other Cirris test equipment, ensuring every circuit meets our high standards for electrical function and reliability.


At the heart of our operations is a continual investment in our facilities, technology, and staff. Our manufacturing process benefits from an extensive range of automated machinery and skilled technicians, ensuring that every cable assembly is crafted with unmatched precision.

Quality Assurance and Testing

“Quality is KEY” is more than a slogan at St. Cross Electronics—it’s the foundation of our business. Every cable assembly we manufacture is subjected to a 100% test, verifying that all connections are correct and functional using Cirris test machines. Our quality control measures, including electrical and visual checks, guarantee that our products will function flawlessly in your applications, saving you time and resources.

UL and ISO Approvals

Our adherence to the highest quality standards is evidenced by our UL and ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018 certifications. Regular audits and our long-standing commitment to these standards since 1990 underscore our dedication to delivering products that you can trust.

Packaging and Delivery

St. Cross Electronics ensures that each assembly is securely packaged and delivered on time, directly to your production line if required. Our process is designed to save you the cost and hassle of holding stock and inspecting parts, embodying our pledge to efficiency and client satisfaction.

Our Pledge to the Environment and Society

St. Cross Electronics is not just about creating exceptional cable assemblies. We are deeply committed to our environment and society. From adhering to the RoHS Directive and implementing the REACH policy to our robust stance against slavery and human trafficking, our practices reflect a responsible and ethical approach to business.


From the initial consultation to the final delivery, St. Cross Electronics is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and high-quality wiring solution. Our simple yet profound philosophy that “Quality is KEY” permeates every aspect of our work, ensuring that our cable assemblies work perfectly, the first time and every time. Partner with us, and let’s power the future together.

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