America’s Cup

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Who watched the amazing comeback by Team Oracle USA over Team Emirates NZ? What an exciting sporting moment. NZ all but had the America’s Cup (AC) in their hands had they not run out of time in one race. Then USA came back from 8-1 down to win 9-8. It was simply amazing to watch and that TV viewing was even more amazing to watch with the AC Liveline graphics that were introduced for the first time in AC history.

The AC Liveline graphics are a technology breakthrough for this AC, providing real time graphics embedded in the live broadcast from a helicopter following the race. The race yachts carry a sophisticated tracking and telemetry system. The military grade GPS tracks the boats accurately to 2 cm, enabling the AC Liveline computer graphics to be created on shore. Graphics show speed, path made, boundaries, markers, and even show the tide direction and strength. It truly made the TV show a real show.

We were contacted about this project back in 2011 and worked with a team from AC to manufacture cable harnesses to fit in all boats, not only the AC72 but also the AC45 yachts. In 2011 the AC World Series started and with our help on this project you could see the amazing graphics on your TV.

Congratulations to all at AC for making an amazing sporting spectacle.

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