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With electronics in every aspect of life, resin encapsulation is an increasingly popular option for protecting sensitive components.  Low pressure overmoulding is quite simply a better and faster option.  Here at St Cross Electronics, low pressure over moulding is something we have been perfecting for a number of years.

We can provide a full subcontract overmoulding service to the entire electronics sector. We use various materials including Macromelt products that meet UL94 V-0 requirements.

From the exacting standards of Medical and Industrial X-Ray equipment, the rigorous requirements of the off-shore and airborne industries, to the precision demanded by aerospace, military and motorsport customers, we provide excellent solutions for even the toughest applications.
With over 30 years of manufacturing experience manufacturing cable assemblies both here in the UK and at our Far East facility we are equipped to support high volume work, as well as the flexibility and dedication for small or special batches and for prototype and development projects. Pre-encapsulation of electrical assemblies and cabling can also be undertaken if applicable.

Some of our partners utilise overmolding in their designs for the following benefits.

Impact & Vibration

When the moulding material cools, it hardens . This provides the finished moulded assembly with very good protection against impact and vibration. All connectors, components and wires are encapsulated and held in place within the material.  This is very effective for the motorsport and automotive industry, military, medical and technology industries where motion, vibration and impact are a concern.


We have found that all market sectors we supply have a requirement to protect electronics from moisture, condensation, immersion in water (inc. saltwater), or even from liquids such as bodily fluids.

Strain Relief

We can create a design, that gives the finished article using the same materials, a strain relief where a cable exits the rear of the assembly.   This same technology and process can even be used to create and incorporate grommets and create strain relief.

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