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It gives us great pleasure to be able to announce that we have created a partnership with one of the most exciting connector manufacturers to come out of the Far East.  Sunkye International Co Ltd.
Sunkye (Connector) Business Group, have 65 years of experience, specialises in designing and producing connectors, related components and cables. A wide range of connector products including twist pin connector, optical fiber connector, RF coaxial connector, umbilical connector, custom and application-specific connectors, which are widely used in high tech markets such as space, aerospace, aviation, electrical, ship-building, defense and also civil markets such as communication, telecom, automotive, and rail.

Dax Ward, MD of St Cross Electronics stated, “What interested me initially about Sunkye was their ability and enthusiasm to work with our customers and come up with a design solution to what our customers actually required, rather than having an interconnect solution that sometimes you have to make do with. Their team of engineers work very well with our own team here to enable these solutions to come together. The quality of the work, drawings and communication follow the same ethos that we work to here at our facilities here in the UK. What is surprising though is that you can have a custom made connector solution at a very affordable price.”

The CEO of Sunkye added, “It’s our pleasure to welcome St. Cross Electronics Ltd as our new distributor in UK & Europe. We are pleased to be strategically aligning ourselves with them, believing that this is a winning partnership. Sunkye commitment to our customers is to offer excellent quality connectors, excellent service levels and to be competitive price on connectors. We look forward to this partnership with St Cross Electronics Ltd long into future”.

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